Friday, November 17, 2006

my week in photos




...insert pic of chili with the MacD's...







ang said...

Wow what a recap! Very well executed post Rebecca! You deserve way more comments then you are getting. I just want to scold everyone reading this for not commenting more!!!
Did you like click? Did you get it cause I recommended? What's your review on it? What's going on tomorrow you guys want to go for another walk somewhere?

Rachel said...

That was fun. :)

re: labor. If you can run a marathon, you can totally do labor. It's the exact same psychological muscle that gets you through. Also, I have a whole new respect for my uterus. It ran two marathons to deliver Nevin - and never even trained!

Sharelle said...

i must say, i agree with ang - VERY well executed post. I just kept thinking "where did she find all those pictures?". You are blowing all my artsy ramblings out of the water with this photo montage.
give the people what they want...and thats what you are doing. haha.
i enjoyed that post. later, we must talk about "stranger than fiction".
and can i be invited to these walks? haha. too much homework now anyway. i propose a mighty fine dinner party around christmas though...we'll talk.

rachel s. said...

ok, also - did you get a haircut? Because in those illustrations of you teaching, you're looking a little different than I remember. hee hee.