Saturday, November 18, 2006

emails and workouts

well two days ago, i was quite annoyed that my november issue of Shape magazine had not yet come in the mail and it was already nov. 15. this would not even be that annoying if i had not been looking at the front cover of Shape since nov.1 at grocery stores every couple days. why is it that it can come to grocery stores that early and not my house? well by nov.15, i decided that i'd email Shape and let them know how annoyed i was. "Dear Shape, I don't know why it is that your magazine is in stores by the first of the month and by nov.15, it has still not come to me. are your subscribers that unimportant to you that they are the last to recieve it? i am very disappointed as this happens on a consistant basis and i will not be renewing my subscription when it ends." i went a little overboard. i will totally still be subscribing again when my subscription ends. but i thought, since i was going to the effort of emailing, i'd better try and make a splash. haha. umm...and then i got the magazine in the mail the next day.

so i went to wendy's last night as tim was not coming home from work until 10:00pm and then i went to the gym to work off only half of what i'd just eaten. friday nights at the gym between 6 - 8pm are a great place to be if you don't have tlc at home. what not to wear is on and makes you want to work out for a whole hour so that you can see the show from start to finish. which is what i did. there was a girl on the treadmill next to me also watching it and i just wanted to talk to her about the show during the commercials but you'll be glad to know i refrained.


Sharelle said...

i'm not glad to know.
i wish you had talked to her, i think that would have made for a wonderfully socially awkward story. but i suppose for your sake, i am glad.
although i think i am a keener more than i would like to admit.

ang said...

is Rachel s gone somewhere for the weekend? Why isn't she commenting? I miss her comments!

ang said...

hey I posted a new pic of Tim, I'm expecting a comment from him!