Saturday, November 25, 2006

lavonne will be happy to know...

i'm doing fine. i went into work on tuesday though not feeling that well but by wednesday, all was well. no doctor needed. then thursday i lost my voice compeletely. weird. i went to school anyways because last year i taught two days with no voice. i figure my class is that much more manageable this year...i'll be fine with no voice. and it was okay. though annoying. by friday it was coming back little by little. it's still a little rough today but all good...uhh...besides this cough that started this morning. shoot.

so it's SNOWING. this morning tim and i took a little drive up sumas mountain to see the snow and by evening, the snow had come to us. our little house here has never been in snow since we've lived here. to bad the only pics we can take are on film and not digital. they may never make it to the blog. we went and saw 007 tonight in mission and when we came out, it hadn't stopped snowing for hours! could there possibly be a snow day on monday? saturday snow is always such a disappointment because it usually gone by monday. oh well. maybe it's super snowing in agassiz. who knows? either way, it was fun to see tim jump up and down then run around when we saw that it was snowing out this afternoon. good times.

well it's report card week in teacher world and last year at this time there was some major crying and panic. this year, i've been actually doing report cards little by little. what a concept! in my mind, they're almost done but i'm avoiding having a look at them tonight because they probably aren't. tomorrow's big job. email me if you like so i'll have something to procrastinate with. you can be sure to expect a survey in tomorrow's post. ha.


Dallas S said...

Hi Bec,

We will forsure be making a stop to visit all of Rachel's and I guess now my friends too, as I condsider you all my friends. I only hope to be in Tofino for a day or two at the most and all the rest will be spent on the mainland.

As a child I hated report card days and would try to hide them from my parents, this did not work well and usually only made things worse. Anyways I have made it past those days yet somehow I wish I could return to them when the responsiblities of adult life kicks in.

Drive careful on those slippery roads and we'll see you at Christmas,


Alyssa said...

BC is having a blizzard without me! An actual blizzard in the Fraser Canyon, although southern BC blizzards are not quite the same as in the artic, it still counts.

So, I hope that you get your snow day tomorrow. It's looking good so far, the snow shouldn't melt and shouldn't stop coming long as they don't clear roads quickly. Hey, give me a call at home tomorrow if you're snowed in... I finally get a day off!

Alyssa said...

Abbotsford airport just reported 5cm in the last hour! 16 cm in the last 4 hours!!! What's it like at your house?