Wednesday, November 01, 2006

soccer tournies, final exams, and chinese food

i think the title speaks for itself in relaying what my day was filled with. the soccer tournament was freezing (umm...bc style freezing...6 degrees?) and let me just say thank goodness for having an all day tournament the day after halloween because those kids in the classroom on sugar highs would have been bad news. the final exam for hiking? well, what can i say? i'm sure i passed...though maybe not with flying colours...i know for sure that one of the questions that asked, "which one is one of the ten essentials?" i said "something to drink" and afterwards i realized that it was supposed to be "signal device". duh. oh well. i most definitely passed the class hence finally graduating and getting chinese food for dinner as a treat. yay. chicken chow mein and sweet and sour pork, here i come. (yes, i'm just as safe with chinese as i am with sushi)


rachel s. said...

way to go, BEC! Knew you could do it!

Alyssa said...

Something to drink ISN'T one of the ten essentials? Good thing I wasn't taking that test. Congratulations on graduating!

Anonymous said...

hello becca. reading down your page. nice to have a glimps into your life. i'm thinking me and joel have to do a road trip to bc this next year to connect with everyone. it's been too long already. DanieL