Thursday, December 28, 2006

movies movies movies

for christmas, we got the following movies:

(1) almost famous - my favourite movie ever which i only had on vhs and then lost. i love patrick fugit and kate hudson and well...every other character on this movie. the mom? she's the best! if you haven't seen it, you must.

(2) tommy boy - i bought this for tim by request. i hate it.

(3) corrina, corrina - i've never previously owned this movie but really liked it when rented. it came out in 1994 and stars whoopi goldberg, ray liotta, and the girl from napolean dynamite who i swears looks like kara bisschop as a kid. so i hadn't seen it in a long time but my mom bought it for me and i watched it with tim on the 26th and it is SO great. even better than i remember. it's a must see and can even be recommended to parents. haha.

(4) talladega nights - matt bought this for tim. i have never seen it. i think tim wants to save it for the 31st. how's that sound rach? (she's the only one i've heard back from about new years) or have you just recently seen it?

(5) walk the line - i took back something to costco yesterday with my mom so i picked this movie out to replace it because it was just $9.99. can you believe that? i've only seen it once but tim loved it being a big jonny cash fan so i figured he'd be happy with my choice. he was.

now take the test - can you match up the pictures?







theRachel said...

we haven't seen talledega nights yet, so new years sounds great for that! I can't believe there won't be anyone else joining us - what happened to Laura and Conor and James and Kara and Liz and Darian? Anyhow...even if it is just us...that will be FAB! YAY!

M-How said...

just to pipe in for Laura....(she doesn't have the internet right now)...she was telling me that her & Conor were hanging out w/ you guys for New Years & was excited to play games.

sorry for the randomness of this. But to respond to the challenge I believe:

a) Corrina Corrina
b) Walk the Line
c) t-nights
d) almost famous
e) tommy boy.

Laura said...

Sorry friends...yes conor and i will be there! Thank goodness for a sister with technology:) We haven't had internet for the last month or so as we've been using our wireless cards to bum the internet off the people who live above us but they're currently in Africa till Jan:) I know we're terrible, but there's my confession which is why the new years mix up happened:)

But yes we are coming and i'm so excited. We recently got some new games. Should be bring them?? We also have not seen the movie. Have you seen Nacho libre? SO funny!! Anyways let me know what i can bring. RAch, when are you back in town?

theRachel said...

Sunday, Dec about 9:30am! WAHOO! Only one day of work left!

Rachel said...

Hey - I'd love to see some pics of your family over the holiday... and I'll get on that on my own blog as soon as I'm home again.