Thursday, December 07, 2006

the intensity of life as a 7 year old

in hopes of hanging onto the last bit of snow, kids worked very hard on this snow fort yesterday. there were tears from some of my students because it was falling apart.

today in the math centre, playing a game where you roll two dice (one colour is tens and the other is ones) and you add the numbers up together. this means carrying. with many difficult games of this under their belts, today the adding was mastered. it was much more fun.

in a typing centre, one student who has been on lesson 1, part 1 since september finally got 15 WPM and was extremely excited to move onto lesson 1, part 2. (that student not shown here however i am worried to see that this student only has one hand on the typing pad. not a good sign.)

today both of these girls mastered their current reading level and moved up, getting to add new books to their boxes (as seen below the chair). they were happy to be reading new books.

ahh yes. school as a seven or eight year old. the arguments over who plays with who at recess. the injustice when you have to get moved away from your friend because you're talking too much. the disappointment when you don't win adding bingo. the candy when you win find the magic piece of garbage. the cruel words to ridicule someone who is not understanding something. the tears when you are chastised by the teacher for ridiculuing. the fun hour of art on fridays.

it amazes me how up and down a day goes. and i still get hugs at the end of the day from students whom i thought would be upset with me for getting them in trouble. you got to love teaching seven and eight year olds.

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