Wednesday, December 20, 2006

ahh..the Christmas program arrives

get ready for an "i love teaching/my school!" post.

let me just state that my students are so fantastic. they performed their play earlier today in our dry run to which we invite seniors from the nearby old folks home. it was so great. this morning, our main angel (the one with a line) didn't come to school because she's sick so i called one of the singing angels over to my desk and told her that she'd have to learn the line this morning before our performance at 11am. she immediately quoted the line to me! she already knew it! how great is that? and then during the performace, the angels (who double as wisemen) have to get off stage, lose their wings and throw their wisemen costumes on in a matter of seconds before the next scene. well today getting the costumes on took a little long and then when they came running onto the stage, one wiseman had both arms through one arm hole of her jacket but she knew the show must go on. no one tripped off stage or forgot their lines. no mikes were dropped. it was awesome.

to give you an idea of what a production this is, check out this pic of our gym. there are 200 chairs (last year, there were still people who had to stand!), two sets of spotlights, mini bleachers for the kids, and the the stage. there are only 56 kids in the whole school!?! 35 families. it's pretty cool.

i told my students today that my husband, parents, brother and his girlfriend were all coming to watch them perform tonight and they were so excited. they remembered that their last name was macdonald so that they would call them mr. and mrs. macdonald. one student suggested we could call my brother "brother macdonald" and katie, "girlfriend macdonald". last year we went through this same thing and not one student wanted to talk to them on the actual night. maybe these kids are less shy. we'll see.

this afternoon we spent over an hour making a calendar as a Christmas present. Most students only got the numbers and months written in. teaching young kids, you remember that it's not just common sense to know that the day after the last day in one month is the first day of the next month. this posed some difficulty for many. i used the binding machine and bound each one so they look very professional. haha. okay, they look cute.

after school i went to the dollar store with sally so she could get glitter glue. i bought these dishes. only $3.50.

yes, it was quite a day. ha.


ang said...

Break a leg! I'm sure it will be the best Christmas play ever!

Husband said...

Best Christmas play EVER.

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