Saturday, December 16, 2006

oh the connections

matt, the guy who lives in our basement, has started playing ice hockey and sometimes he goes with his friend to the public skate to practice skating. tim has decided that he too wants to do this so he's started going along. the first time was a couple weeks ago and i went along. i met his buddy and the four of us skated around and around in circles (i'm not a big fan of skating). i haven't gone since but tim has. anyways...

so last night tim and i were going to see the holiday and we invited matt and his wife to come with us. so that was random but fun and when we were sitting in the theatre, in comes this woman that i know from TWU/church. we say hi at church and such. very nice. well it turns out that the guy she was with was her little brother aka. skating buddy. so skating buddy comes up to where we are and is saying to matt, yada yada about not inviting him to the movies and we're chatting to his sister saying, yada yada haven't seen you at church lately and it was all just so weird. what a random connection that i've met both these people separately and here they are together but we wouldn't have met the skating guy if we didn't know our tenants etc etc.

random. other news from last night - i took the tags off the jacket and am wearing it sans fur. i like it a lot.

well i've spent the morning doing nothing (umm...slash early afternoon since it's already 4pm) and now i'm thinking i should attempt to hit the mall and do a little more shopping. i've been doing a little here and there but really next week is the last week and i work all day everyday so i'd better get goin here.


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