Wednesday, December 27, 2006

purses...pros and cons, this isn't a list of pros and cons. phew. but i got this wonderful brown leather nine west purse for christmas from my mom. so i filled it up on the 26th and began carrying it around with you're supposed to do with purses. however, for the past few months i've been a wallet only girl and the past two days being out and about with a purse? it's just so heavy. maybe i have too much stuff in it. but today i stopped at save-on to pick up a few things and carrying both and purse and the basket was so precarious. i'm definitely out of practice. as i write this, i'm also saying it in my head with an english accent because that's how i imagine people who might also have this terrible problem. i also just watched the devil wears prada. there's a girl with an accent on it.

i warned you about these upcoming random stories.

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Rachel said...

Meryl Streep was amazing in that movie - the scene where she's in her bathrobe with no glasses or make up? That blew me away.

Does your purse have a shoulder strap? That's the only way I cope. :)