Wednesday, May 07, 2008

judy hits agassiz...

a couple weeks ago, i had the idea to have a mother's day chapel and then have the moms stay for pancakes after the chapel. last week when they were making their invitations, a students suggested that i invite MY mom. cheers went up in the class. i explained that my mom lived in white rock and would have to get up at 5:30am to get to agassiz by 8:15am so she probably wouldn't come. another student shook her head and said, "no, mrs. shulba. she'd just sleepover at your house the night before and come with you in the morning!". i put the invite out there and she made it happen!
so today my mom travelled with me to agassiz and helped me put on the pancake breakfast for my students and their moms! she was a whiz on the electric frying pans. i don't know what i was thinking when i originally thought i'd do this myself. i don't think i made one pancake yet was running around like crazy getting coffee, juice, forks, etc so it would have been a gong show without her (as most things are). she and i didn't even get to eat a pancake! so it was unfourtunately not a great mother's day event for HER as i worked her hard but the kids loved having her there and she even got hugs when she left. judy is really the greatest! thanks mom! it was a great morning thanks to you! happy mother's day!


judymacd said...

Hey.. you're being too kind! I had a fun time.. you know I like to keep busy :) That pic looks like we both were having a good time. And I got to see for myself what a great bunch of kids you have in your class this year.. It was definitely a great Mother's Day for me -- to see you in action... you were born to be a teacher!

ang said...

nice! and then I saw her this afternoon all the way back here! She is a busy lady. Judy, I'll be over soon for pancakes! Thanks for the great walk this week. That was a fun mother/daughter time too!

therachel said...

Mom2! What a star! Oh, Judy, you are the best! I love the Judy & Rebecca shot - classic mother/daughter! Miss you both!

Hannah Barkey said...

hey bmac, so great that you got to play with your mum at the pancake mums day celebration! anyways, great to chat on fb chat today, just wanted to stop in and leave a comment. in case oprah's reading your blog, you need to have a lot of comments.

Dear Oprah,
Thanks for reading Rebecca's blog. I just want to tell you about how great of a girl she is. I first met becca at a late night soccer game in university. she was only there because there were boys there and she was a freshman and that's what freshmen do!! well, 8 years later, and over 400 McDonalds meals later, we're still the best of friends. We thought we'd lose becca to the mcflurry there, but once she went on the subway diet, she turned into this fitness queen. oh yeah, and rebecca introduced me to john mayer and jack johnson. what a true friend. Thanks for taking time to read about my best friend forever, rebecca shullllpaba.

Love, Hannah

ps, can i come on your favourite things show? please?
hanno, hanners, hannanananana banana

therachel said...

In the spirit of things...

May 12, 1982 - the day the world was forever changed...Judy & Jamie welcomed little Rebecca into their lives.

Oprah...listen up. This Rebecca chick is pretty awesome. You should take notice of all her mad skills, and recognize her fab blog on your show!