Sunday, May 25, 2008

ode to

there's a blog that is just pictures of a girl's breakfast everyday. and i thought it was interesting. so this week long series will be titled - ode to dinner. and you will be forced to look at pictures of my dinners for a week. i figure at least this might help me eat more vegetables. ha.

and so it begins:
quiche & strawberry spinach salad

this "quiche" isn't really quiche because it doesn't have a crust but it's one of tim's favs, easy to make, and warms up well the next day for breakfast since it's comprised mainly of breakfast foods.

4 eggs
2cups of milk
1 cup Bisquick
1 cup swiss cheese
12 pieces of bacon (or deli ham)
a desired amount of onion

grease a pie plate or round cake pan. put the shredded swiss in it along with the bacon (or if you want a healthier version, i ripped up ham from the deli and it tasted just as good) and chopped up onions. (i don't put any onions at all)

in a separate bowl, mix eggs, milk, and bisquick and blend with a hand mixer until smooth-ish. pour mixture into the pan over the cheese and meat. bake at 350 for about 30 minutes. or until it's brown around the edges. let sit for a few minutes before eating.

(if you make it with deli meat and skim milk and cut it into 8 - one piece is only 3.75 WW pts)


Sharelle said...

after all that talk of pictures of food not looking good, i am going to have to say, with complete honesty, that picture looks fantastic.

you have the red splash to match the berries. you have the dressing in neat lines (on purpose? haha). i would want to eat that meal.

you've done it. you should quit teaching and go take photos for restaurants.

i'm so glad you went ahead with ode to dinner. maybe i'll have quiche tonight :)

Sharelle said...

so i asked matt if we could make quiche.

and he said "i don't like eggs".

it was a let-down.

i'll make it anyway. maybe you will inspire me to actually cook. haha.

Ang said...

wow. Maybe I will write a blog about my the dinners I come up with during my first year married. I will entitle it "a dismal failure". At least in my tears I can tell Domi to go eat at your house.
I don't know if he's had a lot of quiche in his life. He better be getting ready for quiche tuesday at the doliente house. I'm just going to copy all your meals this week for the rest of my life.