Saturday, May 03, 2008

fort langley

weird that i'd never been there before but on thursday, i had my first ever experience at Fort Langley.
all i knew about Fort Langley previously was that my brother had to make a model of it in grade 4 or 5 and my dad spent many an hour cutting the tips off of wooden matchsticks to make the logs. it was intense and i'm pretty sure it's still in the could you throw away something that took so long to build?
anyways...the fieldtrip was so good. what an interesting place. the oldest building in BC is in there. i recommend you go see it yourselves. while you're there, pan for gold. panning for gold was intense as some kids were yelling out "i found one!" and others weren't. overall, we all got a piece to keep. :)

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therachel said...

so, I think I might have gone to Ft. Langley once in early elementary for a school trip too! Fun times!

I don't think the pic of Matt showed up on my google reader, so taht is the treat I get for visiting the real becshulba! Holla!