Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ode to dinner...four

salmon and french fries

this is a wednesday dinner. it can be made in 20 minutes which is what i want after an exercise class that ends at 7:00pm. the salmon comes frozen in packages of about 4 or 5. just plain, really good. sometimes we add lemon dill sauce. the french fries are mccain superfries. which are only about 3 or 4 WW points. the salmon is 2 points. this entire meal with grapes included? 6pts. hey, if i can work fries into a "diet"? i'm pretty pumped.


Alyssa said...

You're inspiring me to make better dinners!

Anonymous said...

hey -

we had salmon tonight too .. but we had rice .. should have had fries.

your dinners look wonderful!


Ashlee said...

i like dinner #3 best - mmm... yam fries :)

Sharelle said...

honestly, i just to comment AGAIN on the pictures.

they make me want to come and eat your dinners. haha.

not at all the food pictures i was describing.

sooo good.

Sharelle said...

and fries two nights in a row.
now that is WW i can get into...haha

judymacd said...

What I really want to know is what happened to the Rebecca MacDonald Shulba that I know and love ;)

meghebron said...
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Anonymous said...

So when am I invited over for dinner? :) J/k. I think my favorite part so far is the "3.75 points"! Way to be accurate.