Wednesday, May 14, 2008

still inspired by sewing...

well it's been 4 months since i took my sewing class. it wasn't love at first stitch - i learned more about myself, patience, and my lack of precision. i was determined to make it stick though and even bought myself a pattern. sadly, however, it sits alone in it's package in our office.

but i read these blogs: here, here and here. and i still think to myself - why am i not sewing? at least now i have a little more realistic perspective on it really, maybe all i want is someone else to take my ideas and favourite fabrics and sew them into pieces i like. that's probably what i'd really like. ha.

so i think the next project is going to be a quilt. all i'll have to cut are squares. can't you just sew squares of fabric together and then sew on a back? hmm...obviously a naive question...but i might try it anyways. and don't worry - i'll keep you posted.

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rachel said...

Nope, making a quilt really can be that simple. Press everything! All your seams will be protected on the inside of your quilt, so no zigzag seam finish required, just simple straight seams.

You'll want some quilt batting to give it a little weight. Sew the back and front together, leaving a hole big enough to stuff your batting in between and maneouver around to lay flat. Top stitch all around the quilt edge - this will close your hole.

You'll need to make a decision about how you want to keep all your layers together - other people do fancy handstitching or whatever. You can just use your machine to do some straight seams over the top of your quilt. Or, my favorite, get a big darning neele, thread with yarn that matches your quilt colors, sew a stitch through all your layers and tie a good knot on the top side of your quilt. Do as many as you need for the size of your quilt. You'll have cool little yarn tufts all over your quilt pattern. (You can do the same thing with buttons).