Thursday, November 20, 2008

the opinions of children

today i work up feeling like i might be coming out the this cold. thank goodness.

when the kids came into school today, the opening scenario:

child 1: "how are you feeling today, Mrs. Shulba?"

Mrs. Shulba: "actually, i think i'm starting to get better!"

child 2: "well, you're actually looking worse."

good to know.


therachel said...

leave it to the kids for the ultimate honesty. i think you always look exceptional.

Anonymous said...

that's really funny.. it reminds me of the time I left you at the Haugos and I went shopping.. You were about 5. While I was away, I got a free makeup lesson done at Merle Norman in the mall. I came back to pick you up and you said "what happened to your face?" Oh the sweetness of being uninhibited!

judymacd said...

oh sorry.. forgot to leave my name on the anonymous comment.. hmmm ;D You probably guessed it was me.