Sunday, November 16, 2008

a little hypo...

i've been sick for over a week now. i've had the worst cold of my life. so stuffed up, can't sleep at night because i wake up every hour blowing my nose, plugged ears. yuck. but you know...going about my life as though i have a cold.

with my days off work, i've been watching a lot of grey's anatomy (which takes place in a hospital for anyone living under a rock) and the other day i saw an episode where this guy kept coming into the clinic with a runny nose and they kept sending him home because - it's just a runny nose. then the 4th time he came in, someone clued in that it might not be a runny nose and they sent him for some scans. they figured out that it was spinal fluid leaking out of his nose and his brains was sinking in his head.

oh my goodness. i went straight to the walk-in clinic.

but i just have a cold. and i hope it goes away soon.


therachel said...

did you tell the doc at the walk-in about the episode of Grey's?

ashlee said...

i'm sure your brain in just fine :)

Margaret said...

Oh Rebecca you are so cute!

At first I didn't believe that was even possible, but then I said something about it to my roommate and she said that spinal fluid can drain through the nose, but you would have to have a pretty significant head injury for that to happen.

Anonymous said...

i love greys