Tuesday, November 25, 2008

come june...

there will be a baby shulba.

WHAT? yes, i'm pregnant. I figure most of my readers may already know but just in case...it's going public.

so i've been a little stressed about telling my school peeps because i'm new here and now i'm not even finishing my first year at this school. but people are of course happy (at least outwardly haha) for us but last week i told a few people one at a time and i cried every time so i decided it better just be one announcement this past friday. of course, people want to say how "they knew it!". what i've discovered, however, if a woman my age/marital status says they are tired, hungry, or sick - people ask if you're pregnant. it's been interesting having to avoid that question being that i've been tired, hungry, and taken some sick days (but for a cold - not pregnancy-sick). but now it's out and i still cry at the mention of me being pregnant. haha. i'm a little weepy. (and you thought i USED to cry a lot...)

i have to say that my main emotion is nervousness. sure, we're very excited and it's what we wanted (even though it happened much quicker than we expected) but the thought of giving birth is totally scary but almost equally as scary as just having a baby around afterwards! :) so i know my emotions will ebb and flow as the weeks go by but as of right now, june 4th sounds very close.

i've had quite a crazy time finding a doctor as my own doctor doesn't do maternity. but the short story of that is that i found myself a doctor in langley which is only 25 minutes from my house. sure, abbotsford has a new hospital and all but finding a doctor that had hours for appointments that i could make it to just wasn't possible. i'd have to leave school early for every check-up which isn't really an option. so my new doctor is just around the corner from where i work. he's also been my friend's doctor through her whole pregnancy and delivered her baby last week - she said he was so fantastic. i'm very glad to hear that. :)

so we plan to find out whether it's a boy or girl whenever it's possible so we'll be letting you know one of these weeks to come. i'm 13 weeks as of Friday so i think i can find out at 20weeks.

yep, it's crazy.


jan said...


it's CRAZY GREAT!!!!

i'm SOOOO excited for you guys!! and SOOO excited to see J1 in grandma-mode!!!


jan said...

ps -

it's time to pick out that flatware!

therachel said...

HURRAH!!! THE WORD IS OUT!!!!! So excited to meet this little TIMBIT! YAY!

Also...quick calculation indicates that you are 20 weeks on January 16. I'm marking my calendar...and am VERY excited for the post following that ultrasound!!

therachel said...

seriously...how are there not more comments on this post yet? I am posting again, just because I'm SO EXCITED!!!

Megan Thiessen said...

I'm very excited for you both. You are going to make great parents. And I'm sure you'll have lots of people willing to babysit on those nights you need a break:)

Anonymous said...

i'm with therachel ..


Jamie said...

What a historic post - this one should be saved in Tim's "hall of fame" or something.

Oh yes June is close.

But time has a way of slowing down as you do, and you'll be tired of people asking you your due date over and over as they just can't believe you haven't had that baby yet...!

And you'll be so glad to have that little face around once it appears.


rachel said...

It's so okay to be nervous and ambivalent. You are going to surprise yourself with the reserves of strength you discover as you carry this baby, deliver her and care for her. (or it could be a he...) I see that strength in you already.

And you are going to be so surprised at how much you love your baby and actually enjoy having her around. The thought of being home alone with your baby is probably pretty scary right now - when Nevin was born I braced myself for some horrible months. I was totally surprised - every day had some part of it that was so good, even when he was very tiny.

I totally recommend The Baby Whisperer. This book helped me so much.