Friday, November 07, 2008

the lack of SYTYCDC enthusiasm...

i don't know if you've noticed, but i haven't been too on top of my SYTYCDC postings. i've been feeling some anger rising as they stretch the show out in order to have a commercial between every dance and finally last week, i just taped it so that later i could watch it with no commercials. (yes, liz, i know i need tivo) but i didn't even watch it later because i didn't care. *gasp*.

what is it about this season? is it the people? i don't think so - i love the little ballerina and seeing what non-costume (aka jeans and tank top) nico will be wearing. is it the fact that it's canadian? no, i think canada's stepping up to the plate - the lighting was weird the first episode with the top 20 but they've got that down pat now. is it the judges? now that they've got two different judges filling in each week and gotten rid of luther and buddy-boy - it's going much better. i especially liked michelle williams last night.

so what is it? maybe it's the back-to-back seasons. one of the great parts of SYTYCD was the anticipation for the next season. i don't know. but whatever the reason, i'm not super pumped. i hate the stretched out episodes - i want more dancing and less talking. maybe i'll feel differently when they start doing two dances each and keeping it within the hour...? or will they? sigh.


therachel said...

I'm right here with you in the "I just don't care" spot. Haven't watched in a few weeks. Would enjoy seeing Nico though ;-)

Perhaps we would be watching it if we were living close together?

Megan Thiessen said...

i'm still loving it. it might help that I tape it every week & then fast forward the judges comments after awhile. I just don't love the host. Especially when she's telling people if they're in the bottom 3 - it's like whatever she starts saying is the complete opposite. "Canada has voted & wants to see you week, you're safe". bahhh!

Elizabeth said...

i echo megan's thoughts. the dancing is still great, i'm just not in love with the dancers themselves. i fast forward the judge and silly leah and just watch the dancing.

you guys should get tivo.

Cousin Sarah said...

Hey Rebecca!

We have started skipping past the judges..... and Leah Miller!!! She is soooooo bad!!!! :p

At least the dancers are good :)