Sunday, December 14, 2008

a fireplace just in time for christmas

tim and i have been talking about getting an electric fireplace for quite a long time but most of them are ugly and then when you get a nice looking one, it's more than $700.  so we haven't bought.  

then last sunday night, there was a christmas variety program at the church and the stage was set up with an electric fireplace and a rug with big chairs etc.  tim and i commented to each other on how nice the fireplace was - pretty nice fake flame and such.  

so a couple days later, my mom calls to tell us that "by the way, that fireplace we had at church is for sale...for $250."  she hadn't even known that we liked it - just knew we'd been thinking about wanting one.  

so today we picked it up.  so great.  nice size.  chocolate brown.  we've already rearranged the furniture.  next time you come over, we can turn on the fire and enjoy the ambiance.  


therachel said...

i don't even know what an electric fire place is, but I love keeping warm, so count me in!

Bec Shulba said...

it looks like a regular fireplace but without the real flame. it has lights and jazz to make it look flame like.

ashlee said...

i think this post is missing a picture so readers get the real sense of the new fireplace :)

Margaret said...

Can we play games in front of an electric fireplace? ;)