Monday, December 15, 2008

the lack of photos

so as you know, my computer is in limbo. we don't turn it on anymore. it sits alone in the office. we really need a new one. for now we use tim's macbook that he brings home from work each night.

BUT the other day i took some photos of my maternity pants to post and then when i went to upload them onto his computer, it wouldn't open up the camera to get them off. i know that most computers will open a camera and upload the pics even if it doesn't have the software but don't macs do that too?

so, in conclusion and answer to ashlee's lastest comment on the fireplace post, i thought to take a photo of the fireplace but i knew i wouldn't be able to post it.

i'll keep working on it.


ang said...

your mac should have "iphoto" check in "applications".
Then plug your camera in, it should be able to find your camera and give you the option to import automatically. If not, text me and I'll walk you through it.

ang said...

also...everytime I go to the store I want to buy baby clothes. jan 21 is way to far away. I need to know pink or blue asap!

therachel said...

I second Ang re: buying baby clothes. Can't wait! It's getting hard to restrain myself!

ashlee said...

yay for pictures!