Wednesday, December 10, 2008

oh christmas tree!

we have a fake tree. it was given to us for our first christmas (this will be our 5th!) by a friend and it's a high-quality, perfect for a basement suite, kind of tree.

it doesn't come apart so it sits fully assembled all year under our stairs and is easily carried up stairs come december each year...already lit. it's the lowest maintenance tree ever.

tim wants to get rid of it. WHAT? he wants a real one. one that will be wet when we go out in the cold to buy it. one that we'll have to buy a stand for. one that won't stand up straight when we get it in the stand. one that we have to wrap lights around. one that will shed needles into our 70's like shag carpet. one that we'll have to find a place to get rid of when january rolls around.

how could one want such a things?

thankfully, i convinced him that since we'll be in hawaii for 10 days right after christmas, our little tree will have to suffice for another year.

but despite wanting my little tree to stay, i can't work up the motivation to decorate it. it already had a string of lights on it when we brought it up at the end of november but we thought there should be more so we bought another string. the string sat in the box for week until we figured out that we accidently bought net lights. we took them back and bought a string. it sat in it's box for another week. tim suggested each morning as we drove to school, "tonight we'll decorate the christmas tree!" to no avail by the time we returned home. finally...2 and a half weeks after we carried our tree up the stairs, we wrapped the second string of lights around the tree. it looks terrible. we need to take the old string off and wrap them all at once. but we just left it looking terrible. as for decorations? they're still in the box in under the stairs. i guess we should try to get those on before christmas at least. what's with the lack of motivation? maybe it's knowing that my tree is leaving next year. maybe it's because all our decorations are cars and sports. maybe i like the look of just little white lights. ...maybe i'm just lazy.

this weekend...for sure.


Anonymous said...

Rebecca.............I think Tim wants a real tree, because that is what Jerry and Tim and Shaun did. They went and picked out a christmas tree at the tree farm. I didnt go, because it wasn't my "thing" to do. But it was a big deal to them. Then we decorated it. I would gladly come and help you decorate your tree. I love doing that sort of thing, as you know. Just let me know.

Elizabeth said...

can i have the old tree?

Elizabeth said...


Margaret said...

Oh real trees are so much better! They smell wonderful and have so much more character. I think next year you will have a much easier time finding motivation to do the Christmas thing.

therachel said...

I'm really excited that Elizabeth is commenting!!!!!