Sunday, December 28, 2008

hawaii? what?

so tim and i are HERE!  in fact, we were here yesterday but couldn't hook up to the internet.  it was discovered today that we have a connection on the deck so i'm sitting here watching the sun go down on the deck typing.  well, to not make you feel as bad, the sun is going down behind a bunch of clouds so we can't see anything.  :)  

hawaii is warm.  that's may seem like a strange thing to report but no matter what the weather is here, it's the same temperature.  it's taking me some time to get my head wrapped around it.  when i was in grade 1, there was a boy, BJ, in grade 3 who had gone to hawaii for a vacation and when he returned, he told our class that when it rains in hawaii, it's warm outside still.  i've never understood.  and now, here i am, and BJ, i want you to know now that i understand.  the rain is warm.  and it will rain for two minutes and be finished.  i love that.  

dec. 29
so i'm continuing this post from yesterday.  this morning we did the classic "get up at 6am to go surfing".  but it's a little different when you're trying to go to one place with 16 people.  impressively, we were out the door only 15 minutes late to meet domi at the beach.  the beach that we're at here at our pink house is in a bay so it's calm and is great for kayaking, jetskiing, paddleboarding, etc.  just not surfing.  so we drove to a better surf beach about an hour away and a handful of people got a domi-lesson.  tim and i were two of the people who hung out on the beach and watched.  :)

and this afternoon is watersports off our own beach here at the pink house.  jet skiing and paddleboarding (which is just looks like standing on a surfboard and paddling)  pics to come in the next couple days.  


therachel said...

I feel like perhaps you just posted this? B/c it's 8:28pm here, which is 5:28pm Hawaii time, and I just talked to Ang who is returning the paddleboards. Le sigh. I think I know why I'm sad - sad to be away from you all at this time. I'm SO glad that you and Tim get to experience the gloriousness that is Hawaii before the little one arrives. You deserve it.

How is the pineapple? Have you been to an ABC store yet?

Elizabeth said...

pics soon!! i can hardly wait...sighing along with lerachel. *sigh*

Anonymous said...

Hi Rebecca
I know what you mean about the weather. It's like that in Florida too, when we lived there for a couple of months in 2000. Everyday it's the same, and the air feels tropical, moist and warm. I totally loved it, but perhaps would miss the variety we have here if I stayed for a long time. Have a wonderful holiday!! Glad you got away from the snow in BC.
love Aunt Bonnie