Wednesday, November 18, 2009

baby feet in baby shoes

baby feet are kind of a strange shape. (or maybe it's just MY baby...) but ben's feet don't really get thinner closer to the toes - they're chubby all the up to the toes. this makes it difficult to get them into shoes. so ben had a tiny pair of shoes that he wore when he was tiniest and then i shoved his feet in them for his dedication also. but for the most part, ben's been shoeless. i put a warm pair of socks on those puppies and we're good to go. most often, his lower half is under a blanket when we go out anyways. however, i'd been given a gift from a local baby boutique from tim's cousin and while the outfit was super cute, it was for a long and skinny baby. i have a short and chubby baby. so i kept the hoodie but went to the boutique to see if i could exchange it. i could. and so, i bought ben some shoes...

little high-top plaid robeez. SO CUTE. and yesterday, i wondered if perhaps they'd fit yet. and what do you know? they did. well, close enough. today i was jamming his feet into them as we were heading out the door and i can tell that his heel isn't down inside the shoe and by no means are his toes where the toes should go. is this just how baby shoes fit? or am i doing something wrong. either way, i'm glad they're velcroed at the top because i stuffed his foot in as best i could, velcroed the top and off we went.
ben is styling now.


Yvonne said...

My friend's son has really wide feet and she always spends a ton of money on shoes because of it, hate to tell you. Pedipeds are good for him (more expensive than robeez) and now that he's older, 18month, he wears DC's (skater shoes are always wider). Nigel thinks they're awesome and can't wait to get Tyson a pair, ha ha. . . Good luck!!

theRachel said...

Let's hope he doesn't lose a shoe.