Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh legacy...

great SYTYCD episode tonight. in the words of adam, "i love this show."

favourite dances: jakob and ashleigh's sonja routine & legacy and kathryn's ballroom routine. though legacy's tears at the end? wow. what a guy.

and speaking of sonja - tim's quote of the night: "she's a freak of talent." i love her routines.

is anyone else weirded by the white underwear that the girls sometimes wear under their dresses? like i know it's not their underwear but if it was a colour that went with the dress, it wouldn't be so stand-out when their skirt twirls.

so nigel saying, "oh, not another concept routine." and "i like watching dancing with the stars because it's just dancing." wow. not the usual, "i've invented the greatest show ever." vibe.

who do i predict to go...who knows? these 12 are all pretty great. but predictions: victor and molly.

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