Friday, November 20, 2009

in one word...

a quiz in one word answers...

1. where is your mobile phone? car

2. your hair? cut

3. your favourite food? comfort

4. your dream last night? confusing

5. your favourite drink? diet

6. your goal? lose

7. what room are you in? kitchen

8. your hobby? shopping

9. your fear? leaks

10. where do you want to be in 5 years? home

11. where were you last night? couch

12. something that you aren't? fit

13. muffins? mom's

14. wishlist item? runners

15. where did you grow up? surrey

16. last thing you did? bedtime

17. what are you wearing? lulus

18. your tv? hockey

19. your pets? non-existent

20. friends? busy

21. your life? ben

22. your mood? good

23. missing someone? yes

24. vehicle? 3

25. something you're not wearing? earrings

26. your favourite store? winners

27. favourite colour? green

28. last time you laughed? bathtime

29. last time you cried? grey's

30. your best friend? many

31. one place you go to over and over? grandma's

32. facebook? overexposure (is that cheating?)

1 comment:

Hanners said...

what part of greys made you cry? i'm crying cause it's off the air til january.