Monday, November 02, 2009

the rules.

well, a few pounds gained in ontario, i've returned to BC with a new determination. i need some rules. sure, if the rules are made FOR me, i'm not too keen but if I make the rules, then i can do it. so still counting my 22 points a day - here the new additional rules for the month of november:

only 2 pts. can be alloted to dessert-like food per day. (that would be like a mini chocolate bar or a 1/2 cup of frozen yogurt)

only 2 pts. of "junk" food per day. (that would be about 14 baked chips)

fries can be once a week at the most.

one diet pop a day. (yes, at this point, that is cutting back)

pizza is allowed on sunday nights of course. (this is 20 year tradition in the macdonald household though it used to be fridays)

yes - this helps me to write it out and throw it to the internets. ;) now it's public, i can't break the rules, see? so here we go - november is my month to turn it all around. i need to get "on a roll" and this is it. (thanks for being a part of my self-pep-talk).

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ashlee said...

go bec go :) you can do it!