Wednesday, May 19, 2010

btw...big sales on at tupperware...

sometimes the sales are too good to resist the advertisement over here on this blog! order is going in on me at if there's something here you want.

super cereal storers 2 for 1 - $25 for TWO!

the little kid's pitcher and cup set (not available in the catalog) - $16

there's also a 50% off modular mate deal on for which i have no picture but just a description over at my Tupperware You Are blog.

if you spend $40, these 3 items are on sale to you:

round container - $17

set of mini stuffables (except they're a very pretty blue, not green) - $20.50

set of 3 "fresh n cool" which are containers for your fridge - they can fit in the door and hold whatever you want. (except they come in a very pretty green, not blue) - $18

aaaand, last but not least, if you spend $60, you can get this:
the serving center for only $24.50!


theRachel said...

I love all of this. I've already put in my order for 2 sets of the cereal storers - heads up to anyone going to a bridal shower this spring/summer - the cereal storers will make great gifts for new brides!

I also love my serving center. It is the best!

rachel said...

I got my round container last week and LOVE it. The yellow is so cheerful and it just begs to be kept filled with muffins. Definitely keep me posted on sales.