Wednesday, May 05, 2010


remember those? how fun does this sound? i want one for ben a few years from now...soule mama is the best!

Type (5)


Judy said...

I wonder if my mom kept my little blue smith corona that I bought and lovingly used for a number of years.. if she has it hidden away somewhere, its Ben's!!

Laurie Trueman said...

What a memory! My very first typewriter was a Smith Corona exactly the same as the one shown at your link...that's how I managed to get so good at typing in Grade 10 ---

Sharelle said...

I have had a recent love-affair with typewriters.

I have a beauty sitting at the condo right now. I bought it a couple months ago. I had it specially fixed up for the wedding, by an excellent typewriter enthusiast.

Now I have a typewriter, and a typewriter guy. Likelehood I'll buy more - HIGH.