Sunday, May 02, 2010


yesterday i was at the gym taking a "no sweat" class. one hour, you do strength exercises to music. at the end, all your muscles hurt. they keep the no sweat routine the same for 6 weeks no matter what gym you go to (if it's called no sweat, it's the same class) and it's the same music for those 6 weeks. then they change it. new moves, new music.

well, i have been taking this class off and on for the last couple years and love what a great workout it is, especially when you go consistently. yesterday was a new routine though and it felt like it was ALL ARMS. i have very weak arms/shoulders. i can squat and lunge with the best of them but tricep dips, push ups, and shoulder presses? i'm dying with my piddly 5lb weights.

are you thinking, "where is this going? why isn't this on the life on points blog, rebecca?" well, that's because the music to this new-to-me routine yesterday was hilarious. who's bed have your boots been under?, mr. jones by AQUA (yes, aqua), a grease medley AND...mmm-bop by hanson. and you know, i couldn't help but hum along to hanson and giggle while i did my chest flies. but man, what a flashback.

THEN, on facebook tonight, what happens to appear on my sidebar ads? HANSON in concert at the commodore on september 25th! they're STILL performing? who is their audience? then i thought, that would be funny...maybe i'll go. clicked on the ad only to find out that tickets BEFORE taxes are $46.50! whaat?! who is paying that? i'm intrigued. obviously intrigued enough to share this lengthy non-story.
Hanson Tickets

but i don't think i'll be going. unless sharelle wins me some tickets.


Sharelle said...

I'll work on it.

Somebody's got to be giving them away right?

theRachel said...

My friend Caitlin just can't get enough of the Hanson Christmas Album. Other than that, I'm really not sure who is listening to these guys anymore.

Overall, that is quite the music mix - very grade 8. Too funny.

canaryred said...

Hanson just played five sold out shows in a row in NYC last week. Then this past Saturday, they performed to a huge audience and good reviews at the Bamboozle Festival in New Jersey.

I'm not sure what to tell you about their audience, except that it's largely (though not entirely) women in their mid 20s.

Megan Thiessen said...

I also think their audience is girls in their 20's. I know a girl in her early 20's who is absolutely crazy about them, she went to their concert in Vancouver a year or so ago & is freaking out that they are coming back again. They have a new album I think.

Despite the fact that Sharelle, Heather & I dressed up as Hanson one Halloween about 11 years ago we are not big fans.

canaryred said...

Well, if you would like to see their latest video (which was posted on MySpace a few weeks ago and already has well over a million views), it's available here:
Hope that link works.

Bec Shulba said...

wow - if that's not the most feel good video i've seen in years, then i don't know what is. a new dance craze for sure. hmm...i liked.

ramblin'andie said...

Hey Bec,
Years ago, when I first stumbled upon your blog, I was hooked by your crazy work out stories. So please don't relegate stuff like this to your points blog!
:) Andie

Sharelle said...

oh megan.

had to go and mention the halloween dress up.


LaelDyck said...

so ike looks like he is the only attractive one and he was the ugly one before. taylor was the cutie but not now. what a shame!