Wednesday, May 05, 2010


i'm forgetful. it's not a good sign at this young age but anyone who has worked with me will tell you that it's true. i often forgot my day for chapel, devotions, kids' birthdays, special days i'd planned, etc. etc. i never forgot when it was my snack day (or lunch day at ACS) though (though it was often forgotten until the morning of and i'd have to stop at the store on the way to work) - the reprecussions of that would be too great. in fact, if i have ever remembered your birthday (pre facebook) or a dinner date we had, consider yourself special.

my first principal was also forgetful but he kept a list in his pocket at all times. throughout the day, when he told someone he'd call them back or he thought of something he wanted to tell someone else, he wrote it on the list. in and out of his shirt pocket it would go all day. it meant that he was not a forgetful person because he checked that list all the time. i'd think to myself, "i should really have a list." but i never got around to making one.

this morning i forgot that i was meeting someone for coffee. i thought about it all week and then this morning when i woke up, i thought, "there was something happening today...what was that?". and i didn't think of it until i was an hour late. sigh. if only i had a list. but chances are...i'd forget it somewhere.

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