Wednesday, October 13, 2010

into music?

if ben is awake, we cannot be on the computer. he is desperate to get on our laps to bang on the keys, plug in wires, and pull all nearby electronic devices off the desk. even though i know this is how it goes, i'll try it out again every so often if i'm waiting for an email and want to check my inbox. today, i made the mistake of introducing ben to earphones. he couldn't believe that music was coming out of these little white things. i realized that i maybe shouldn't have introduced him when i tried to take him away from the computer - all out tantrum ensued. oops.
so i introduced him to the ipod. take your music with you, ben!

thanks, mom.

(don't worry, this is not a regular thing - i know earbuds are not good for adults, let alone toddlers. it was really for the photo op and now they are hidden away.)


Laurie Newbigging said...

Photo Op indeed! SO cute, little smile.....heehee!

Sharelle said...

oh i love it.

one day you're going to show that at his wedding after he's a famous rockstar.

oh wait, maybe you don't want your son to be a famous rockstar?

Matt said...

thats awesome. what a stud

Hanners said...

i'm not judging.

so cute.

Lana Vug said...

Absolutely rad! You have the cutest kid!