Monday, October 11, 2010

a visit to the pumpkin patch

we discovered a great pumpkin patch to visit with little kids - willow view farm. when i posted about the applebarn, i failed to mention that you had to pay to get in and that most of the fun activities were for children much older than ben. it's a fun place but after checking out willow view, we will be coming back here for the next few years while ben is a toddler.

besides u-pick pumpkins, apples, corn, a petting zoo with a great variety of animals, and hay rides - there's a field of little plastic houses and climbing structures for little kids! probably about 20 little tykes-type structures in this field. kids are everywhere, climbing in and out of all the structures, going down slides, opening and closing doors - it was ben's dream come true!
after playing there for awhile, we headed over to the pre-picked pumpkins. ben wanted to pick up as many pumpkins as he could and throw them. no pumpkins exploded though.

then we headed over to the real pumpkin patch (but not without a detour to the petting zoo! good times!). the terrain was a little treacherous for a little guy though. we mostly carried him and then we returned to the pre-picked pumpkins. maybe next year we'll really pick our own.
here we are wishing for our own photographer...

we also just picked our apples out of the boxes in the store instead of off the trees this year - another plan for next year...or the year after that.
we finally had the good sense to grab a wagon - next time we'll start with this mode of transportation.
a honey crisp apple for the ride home.


ramblin'andie said...

I wonder if for all these years I've had the Apple Barn confused with Mapleview Farms. It looks exactly like where we went with David's preschool a few years ago. The kids were in HEAVEN!

ramblin'andie said...

oops...willowview. No wonder we've never found the place since!

theRachel said...

WOW! Great trip to the pumpkin patch. Ben looks like he was having such a great time, and so do you guys!