Sunday, October 03, 2010

the 1000th post...

tuesday, january 10, 2006, i started a blog. that was 999 posts ago - way back when blogging was "new" to me (i was a late adopter). why have i continued to blog? i blog because i like to write. i blog because i have things to comment on and jokes to make and you're not always with me for me to say them to. "i blog because i need friends to constantly assure me that i'm still awesome" - anonymous (you know who you are) haha - hopefully that's not that true but i haveappreciated all those of you, friends, family, friends of friends, and strangers who have followed along with me for the past 4 and a half years.

"Our past will always be a part of us. Now, this does not mean we should live in the past, but we should be aware that it informs how we act today. There is beauty in watching people grow, but there is also beauty is seeing where they came from. Perhaps the most fun is noticing the little kernels of themselves that will always betray exactly who they are." --sharelle d

thanks for watching me grow and listening to what i felt like saying. thanks for putting up with my lack of capital letters, my overuse of commas, and my run-on sentences. thanks for listening to the ever-changing focuses - teaching, working out, counting points, random thoughts andmotherhood. (this last one may be ongoing for quite awhile). i read back over some old posts over the last couple days and found a few of my favourite posts for reminiscing's sake. you know, if you have some time and are looking for something to read.

i once raised salmon from eggs (and then posted about it a zillion times until we released them)

the ingrown toenail that kicked started the beginning of not cutting my own toenails....

i still have a scar from this cross-country skiing trip.

i'm 3 years older than i was in this post but i still have days like these

my mind-boggling dancing phase...

reminders that i could quit drinking if i wanted to...

the time i took swimming lessons

the time i took sewing lessons

my first triathalon: the swim, the bike, the run

and an appropriate last fav:
my favourite haiku


ashlee said...

never stop blogging :)

Hanners said...

i blog because there are so many great thoughts flowing through my brain throughout each day that i feel others need to know. but i don't think my colleagues or students care, so i write it down. and share it with you.

Sharelle said...

oh wow.

I feel incredibly honored to have made the 1000th blog post.

and I also feel kind of guilty for my distinct lack of blogging. maybe this will inspire a new wave for me.

I love the recap and all the phases. I especially love the dance phase one. That one always boggled my mind. haha.

But really Bec - you have stayed strong with the blogging (in spite of being a late adopter) and we all appreciate it. Maybe I'll take it as my cue. Thanks for putting all these thoughts out into the blogosphere. We love you for it.

theRachel said...

Great 1000th post. I also loved the dance phase - just re-read that post. And the swimming. Thanks for always being honest and sharing so much of yourself.

judymacd said...

Love your blog, Bec! Always happy when it comes up on my blogger that you've added something new. But I must admit that I could add a few more phases onto that list ;)