Saturday, October 23, 2010

tim and ben

last saturday, when i went to the island, tim took ben all the way to the chilliwack river valley and took him on a hike to lindeman lake. he said there was no crying on the drive there, the hike, or the drive home. i was amazed and ashamed to say that if i'd been home, this trip would have never happened because i would've expected the car ride to be too long and there to be too much overtired crying. i'm glad i wasn't around to hold them back and that tim had a great time hiking with his son. here are the few photos he snapped before the camera died.
(he thinks it's funny to pull his hood over his face)

this lake had way more room for ben to run around when they got to the end which was a lot nicer than our lost lake hike.

(i hiked to this lake with sharelle in our hiking class in '06 and blogged about it here)

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Sharelle said...

wow, i did NOT expect to get a shout-out in that post of your husband & son.

hiking class. remember when we did that? man. that was so random and great. i was just re-reading those posts the other day too.

ben is adorable.