Monday, October 11, 2010

pillow woes - next generation

all those of you who know me well will be tired of hearing my pillow woes by now. (like here or here) but the other day, i started wondering when kids start sleeping with pillows. and why do we start giving kids pillows? if we never gave them one, could they be content to sleep without one into adulthood? ben already shows signs of being a similar sleeper to me. it often takes him a long time to fall asleep and he just rolls around and around in his crib at bedtime. he wakes up many times in the night - we can hear him kicking his mattress and moving around. he's a fairly light sleeper waking at little noises. when he's woken up, he's instantly awake, standing up in his crib. none of this laying around trying to figure out what's going on. with all these similarities to me, why would i want to introduce him to the never-ending pillow search? maybe i won't ever give him a pillow and he'll be fine. as for me? the search may never end.

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LaelDyck said... pillows and i have had our issues too, but i have found my perfect pillow (which i doubt would be yours since it plain old cotton batting, pretty flat and somewhat hard). i did the whole 2 pillow thing for years and i always had issues with my neck and back but never clued in that it was my pillow that was the issue. then i did the memory foam thing, the feather thing until i settled for the pillow i have now. it took me probably over a month to get used to it now but i don't even go away on vacation without my pillow. steve and i were given these memory foam type pillows when we bought our new mattress but neither of us have any interest in trying them. if you are ever wanting to give it a try, let me know and you can have one or both of them! good luck with your continued search.