Tuesday, October 03, 2006

are you making fun of me?

so tim's away for a week so last night on my way home from work i stopped to buy myself some sushi.

i walk in and order a california roll and dynamite roll. as you can see already from my choices, i'm not a very exciting sushi eater. now last time i was here, they had put a sauce on the dynamite roll so i asked if they could not put the soy sauce on. (it's a father and son duo behind the counter) the son looks at me like i'm crazy and says, "it's not soy sauce, it's teryaki sauce." (can you tell i don't ever have soy sauce to think that that was what it was?) i say, "ok, can you not put teriaki sauce on?" he says ok. i sit down to wait and the son says to me, "so do you want a package of soy sauce with it?" i say, "no thanks." a minute later he asks, "well, do you want ginger and wasabi?" and since i never eat those anyway i say, "no, i don't need them." but i smile and make a joke about being a boring sushi eater. he still can't believe that i'm refusing all these things. another minute later he asks, "do you want the _________ (i can't remember the name but it's the little orange fish eggs on top of a roll)?" well i've said no so many times to his disbelief that i say "sure" even though last time, i picked them all off. he replies, "really? that's weird that you would want those and not everything else." i just was like, "uhh, yeah."

but why? why is that so weird? can i not just order what i like and be accepted?

i ate my sushi with no satisfaction last night. they say the first step to recovery is admitting the problem.

"Hi. I'm Rebecca. I eat my sushi plain."


yummy mummy. said...

i'm with ya. i don't even like the sushi, i just want the plain rice...plain's cool. all those other people are just trying to act like they like the other stuff cause it makes them feel metropolitan to eat sushi with weird stuff. i think you're super - i'm glad we're friends. see you thursday. we'll have plain nachos.

Sharelle said...

good for you rebecca - standing up for plain eaters everywhere. you are many steps ahead of me, i walk into sushi places, hoping that they have terayki beef and rice (plain). if it appears like there might be other things IN the terayki - i'm out. so i know where you are at. i am going to get brave with sushi one of these days, and when i do, i hope there will be someone that allows me to be plain:) you're a star bec

ang said...

Do it how you like it,
but I don't think all japanese people are eating their food everyday, cause it's metropolitan.
Everyday, white people much like Sharelle, go out on a limb and try something new. Sometimes they like it, sometimes they don't, the point is that they tried.
Pretty soon those Japanese blokes will be asking if you want the "usual". Maybe even name a menu item after you! They'll roll their eyes at another customer, "it's the b-shulb, no sause, so sides, just eggs, and it's our best seller"

rachel s. said...

look at all this support! hey, is the "yummy mummy" Liz?! We should encourage her to get a blog again. Also, I laughed so hard at the "PS" portion of the email you sent me...hee hee.