Tuesday, October 31, 2006

ahh...halloween costumes

well the light's out at our house. 7pm and we're already out of candy. i guess i shouldn't have been handing out two at a time at the beginning of the night. the house across from ours is crazy decked out -- headstones, a huge grim reaper, cobwebs, and some kind of smoke..i'm not sure where that's coming from. i saw some cute constumes though. little batmans and snow whites. cute.

discussing our past halloween costumes is something that comes up year round when we want a good laugh. halloween wasn't the biggest deal for our family and i don't ever remember coming up with costume ideas too far in advance. hence some of the costumes that we put together. matt really had the best ones that will long go down in our halloween history.

This was my first halloween that i can remember - i was three. my dad took me to Kmart to pick out a mask and i picked this one. i remember him asking me, "are you sure you don't want a lady's face mask?" and i knew that this was the one i wanted. i just handed out the candy at our door. the carebear jumpsuit didn't exactly work. notice the celery in my hand and my sad pumpkin. i'm thinking this phoot was taken awhile after halloween when i was eating my celery and my mom said, "hey rebecca, put on your mask and i'll take your picture."

oh, the pumpkin. we just kept stuffing that orange garbage bag full of newspaper and it kept piling up at matt's feet. he actually had difficulty walking and i was way ahead of him. apparently we weren't expecting much candy withh those bags with our names on them.

i have another picture but blogger is being weird and i can't upload it but imagine matt with pantyhose on his face. haha. happy halloween...


ang said...

what were you that year we went around your neighborhood and I was Ellie May Clampet from the beverly hillbillies? I remember that being a fun one. Or that one where my dad drove us around for hours in the back of the landcruiser all over ocean park. I don't remember what we were then. But I do remember us going through a strong gypsy phase. Pillow cases had never served such an important purpose.

rachel s. said...

me = dying laughing as I read this post. Dallas asking from the other room, "what's so funny?"

Rachel said...

who is that scary man mask supposed to be? That is halarious.

ang said...

lets hang out this weekend!

Bec Shulba said...

rachel r. - i have no idea who the man in the scary mask is.

rachel s. - i hope you told dallas why.

ang - the year you were ellie may, i was most definitely a gypsy. this weekend sounds great.