Thursday, March 22, 2007

22 day cleanse - day one

i'm back from edmonton. i have pics to upload but i can't find my camera cord at the moment so those will be a little delayed. i had a great time connecting with my extended family as well as alyssa, rach, and dallas. my four days went off without any problems...i ate out a lot, a spent some money, and drank my body weight in tea.

now in regards to the "i ate out a lot", today begins a 22 day no desserts/bad snacks/diet coke cleanse. it takes 22 times of doing something to create a habit SO if i go with health foods and no DC for 22 days, hopefully i can ease back into having some treats here and there after 22 days but not go crazy. i've really gotten into some bad habits this month of always needing sweets after meals and snacking all the time. my new years resolutions were trickling away so this is my spring break resolution. get back on track. i went out this morning and did some grocery shopping. bought lots of veggies and chopped them all up for easy access.

get ready for the's going to be too many posts about what i'm eating. haha.

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therachel said...

SO GOOD to see you...miss you already.