Saturday, March 17, 2007

edmonton, here i come

last year at this time, i was also in edmonton. it snowed and alyssa forced me to shovel the driveway and the sidewalk. i didn't even bring a winter coat. this year, i'm hoping for better weather. ha.

this year, my plans are three-fold. to do alyssa's chores. to visit nevin, his parents and his extended family. to bring dallas flowers after his surgery (oh and see his wife). the next 4 days are going to be packed. i can't wait to see you guys.

as for you other blog readers...this year i have my own camera...get ready for photo montage when i return. i know you can barely contain your excitement. :)

hi dad! see you on the plane.


jamie said...

Sure - or maybe even before - like on the way to the airport? Aren't you driving?


therachel said...

Alyssa's chores? What about my chores? I saved "cleaning the bathroom" just for you. Oh, you thought staying at my house was luxurious? On the contrary - you have to earn your keep! Ha. Just kidding.

Hey, Dallas has given you the go ahead to bunk up with us for your stay in Edmonton. We'd both be delighted to have you! There's a full-size bed and your own room, and many other amenities (I've been known to put chocolates on the pillow ;-) But, feel free to stay with Alyssa if you like, whatever works best for you logistically or whatever. Let me know :-)

liz said...

aren't you home yet? i want to hang out! tell those two to quit hogging you.