Friday, March 09, 2007

a few reviews

review #1 - arrested development season 1.

now i know that rachelj. has spoken of this cancelled tv series before and recommended it but i had just never gone out and rented it. THEN i watched the pilot at a friend's house and was hooked. the humour is so random. and the characters are so different then anything you've ever seen before. watch a few episodes.

review #2 - arcade fire's new cd: neon bible.

being such huge fans of "funeral", tim and i had high hopes for af's next cd. plus it was super-leaked all over and we already had a couple songs downloaded which are fantastic. AND i read some reviews this week that were very positive. we went out and bought the cd tonight and while we've only listened to the cd once through...i was a little disappointed. there are a couple songs that are tedious to listen to. there ARE some great ones but it's one of those cds that you put in but have to have a remote to skip the ones you never listen to. SO FAR...i need to listen a little more. the first cd took me a little while too...

review #3 - music and lyrics.

though i had high expectations for "neon bible", i had absolutely no expectations for music and lyrics which tim and i went and saw tonight. maybe that helped because i really liked it. as domi puts it, "it was cute." domi -- you're so good with words -- i have to totally agree. it wasn't bad. drew wasn't totally annoying. hugh was funny. the songs that you hear numerous times are pretty catchy. overall, a good light-hearted romantic comedy. there are some nights that you just want some light-heatedness, right?

so there you go. my opinions on a few things. that's why you read this blog right? haha.
sharelle was totally correct in "america" by simon and garfunkel -- if you're a true "almost famous" fan, you'd know it. tune in next week for another "where's that from?" wednesday. ha.


Alyssa said...

Arrested Development is my all time favorite TV show. I was sad when it was cancelled, but really the show is better on DVD. I'm just glad it lasted three seasons. There are so many jokes that I didn't catch until the 3rd or 4th time I watched an episode... and they use so many 'in' jokes that you would never catch if you haven't watched the previous episodes and seasons. Probably why it didn't last on TV... you have to be commited to get it. But I love the Bluths. In the words of Lucile, "Everything with them is so dramatic and flamboyant. It just makes me want to... set myself on fire."

Laura said...

Oh Alyssa please don't...but i'm wanting to now watch an episode.

Bec, Sorry about the snowshoeing. We just were super tired today and really just wanted to take it easy. I hope it was fun:) As well, thanks for the great reviews. My mom and I are going to Vancouver for 2 nights over spring break and are going to see Music and Lyrics and now i really want to see it even more:)

ang said...

light-heatedness? Is this a term I can look forward to using after marriage? is light-heated the same as "cool"? Or is it similar to "light-headedness"? Maybe it's when you get so light headed, you have to turn down the heat.
I'm glad you guys enjoyed the "cute" and "lightly heated" music and lyrics.

therachel said...

alyssa should really get the credit for the arrested development thing, Bec...she was the one who turned me onto it. Dallas and I like it so much that we own all the seasons on DVD. THe only other series we own on DVD is Freaks & Geeks. What's up with these good shows that get cancelled so quick?