Thursday, March 29, 2007

day 8 of the cleanse

well, i've managed not to bore you with the details of my every meal on here for the last 8 days but if you've spent any facetime with me, you'll know that it's all i want to talk about. haha. it's actually going great considering i used to think of myself as lacking any amount of self-control in the area of food. i no longer have that excuse - i DO have self-control. last night at some friends' house, i sat beside a plate of cookies all night and ate only one. what what? it's true. i've probably never eaten this many vegetables in my life so that's feeling good. i used to hate celery but now i'll eat it for a snack. i don't leave home without being armed with a waterbottle, scads of lipton iced tea 0cal. powder packets, a baggie of cheerios, and usually a container of yogurt or cantaloupe. i've found that i get the most snacky feeling at night so i usually save my one 100cal. treat for evenings. i've been measuring things more - a half cup is not as much as you thought and it's more than you thought. it depends on what's in the half cup. haha. something that's been getting me through the afternoon cravings is my tall sugar free cinnamon dolce non-fat lattes but that's adding up. :)

there has not been ANY diet coke in 8 days. it's not a record yet. once in my first year university, raquel said that if i could give up diet coke for 2 weeks, she'd write me a letter a week over summer break. i got a lot of letters that summer. so 2 weeks is the record we're aiming to break. and no one is even promising me letters. haha.

so that's the update.

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liz said...

i just had some sri lankan gold tea with my breakfast, amazing! thanks!