Monday, March 12, 2007

reader statistics

so i thought to myself, i should start using that counter at the bottom of my blog and see how many people are really checking this page.

count on Monday Mar. 5 @ 8:30pm: 10, 742

count on Monday Mar. 12 @ 8:00pm: 11, 012

and no, they're not all me. when you check from one computer and keep going "back" to this page, the counter doesn't go up.


so even though there's not this many comments, it's nice to know you're reading. :) and a sincere thanks to rachels., alyssa, and ang for not letting me ever have 0 comments. you guys are the best.


therachel said...

no problem. anything I can do to help out.

Sharelle said...

i know...
i put the counter on there too, and i remember being shocked at how many lurkers were out there.
granted i check a couple times a day, but that does not count for all those hits.
makes you feel good, or creeped out, i am not sure which...