Saturday, March 24, 2007

visit to edmonton

the pictures are here! i had some difficulty uploading them when i finally did find the cord and i thought i was in trouble but it's all good. you can now catch a glimpse of my trip.

these are the nikkel cousins - can you see the resemblance?
from left to right: dan, rachel, me, joel.

this is my second cousin (rachel's son) Nevin! Hi Nevin! what a great baby to meet in person. he was very happy and personable. jamie and i loved meeting him.
my dad, his sister bonnie and nevin.
after numerous hours of good conversation, we went for the trivial pursuit on evening #2 which was great. why don't people play more trivial pursuit? i think it's because we think we don't know the answers but as it turns out, age does bring some knowledge and we were suprised at some of the answers we did know! playing in teams, joel and i won -- i obviously wasn't going to let that go by unmentioned!
Throughout my trip, i was also hanging out with these girls which was lots of fun. alyssa, we didn't exactly take as many pics as we had planned, hey? i have 4...2 of them are crappy. oh well...the memories will have to suffice. haha. here's alyssa, jenny, and rachel as we waited for our name to be called at spaghetti factory and then another of us 4 with our spumoni. thanks for the good times ladies. now, i spent some time at rachel and dallas' house however i failed to take any photos of dallas at all which i realized when i got home. dallas, i just want you to know that it wasn't on purpose. :) hope you're continuing to recover well and enjoying your flowers. haha.

the pics are finally downloaded!


liz said...

nevin is sooo handsome! nice pics, jamie looks like he's warming up for grandpa duty - but he needs more practice, so no pressure. nice to see the girls too, i can hardly wait for this summer of love...there's gonna be some goodtimes to be had when everyone's home.

Alyssa said...

So I love that the funky arm picture of me ended up on my blog... sweet... speaking of sweet, it was great having you in town! Only 5 weeks until I'm back on the coast!!!

Alyssa said...

oops, I ment YOUR blog!