Monday, May 07, 2007

alyssa's home!

so she may not be blogging about it yet but i will! sunday afternoon/night, tim and i spent some time in vancouver hanging out at james and alyssa's new place.

we had some dinner which alyssa made and it was wonderful!

then we tried to strap down a queen sized bed to the roof of our truck. (and i use the term "we" lightly...though alyssa and i were forced to stand there. haha.)

congrats to alyssa & james on their new place!


ang said...

Horrah for the great new place! It looks like they are unpacked and everything. Soooo great to have Alyssa back!

Judy said...

hey.. welcome 'home' Alyssa... feeling bad for therachel though :(

liz said...

welcome home alyssa! (nice jacket bec).

therachel said...

ohhhhh I'm feeling bad for therachel too.