Thursday, May 17, 2007

sarah, plain and tall

have you ever read this book? i really disliked it at first when i read it on my own. but i was lacking a novel study for grades 2 & 3 so i chose to do it anyways. well, when i started reading it with my kids, they were totally into it which made me like it a lot more. so i searched for it on amazon and who knew that in 1990, Glen Close and Christopher Walken acted in Sarah, Plain and Tall the movie. whaaaat? "i got a fever. and the only prescription is more cowbell." oh christopher walken. kids are watching the movie right now. i made them popcorn. however, the movie is NINETY-EIGHT minutes. oh man, it's slow. if my mom were here, she'd be asleep by now. i told them that they could draw while they watch. we're 30 minutes in and slowly, one by one, they're pulling out their drawing books.

but hey -- i own the if anyone wants to borrow it. haha.

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