Saturday, May 26, 2007

to do...

i tend to be a bit of an unorganized person. i can force organization, say, if i was cleaning out a closet or something but it usually takes more effort than i am willing to put in. my desk at school is messy to the point of frustrating which i keep meaning to do something about but i just have so many other things to be doing when i'm there. tim has been away since wednesday and the house tends to fall apart a little bit when he's gone. oops. friday night when i got home, the kitchen was so messy and i welcomed a phone call from liz suggesting we see pirates of the carribean. so i was actually looking forward to having nothing planned for today except hanging out at my house. the motivation set in.

i was going to make a to-do list but then i decided to blog instead. why not combine the two? you want to know what i should be doing this afternoon, don't you?

> clean the kitchen
> buy vegetables
> chop, prep, and put the vegetables in tupperware for easy access
> fold laundry
> do more laundry
> clean the bathroom
> watch 2 movies that are overdue (dreamgirls & the prestige...movies tim didn't want to see)
> cancel my membership to just ladies
> deposit a cheque and some cash to the bank
> buy paint for the spare bedroom all honesty...i like to make to-do lists after i've done a few things. so far, i've already cleaned the kitchen, bought, chopped, and prepped vegetables, and folded laundry. i watched 4 episodes of Family Ties Season 1 and i did attempt to cancel my membership but it looks like it won't be happening without some complication. when i called, i told the girl that i wanted to cancel my membership - could i do it over the phone or would i have to come down. the girl sounded flustered, said i'd have to come in and told me that she didn't have a membership "specialist" there at the moment to talk to me so she'd have one call me back. i said, "but if i can't do it over the phone, why does someone have to call me back?" "well, she needs to check if you have any outstanding payments or anything" "riiiight, but shouldn't i just come in or will she make an appointment with me?" "oh, she'll set a time for you to come in" "this sounds complicated marie..." nervous laughter from marie, "oh no. it's not." we'll see.

in other news, i was in langley today and got a new cel phone!!! holla! i'm so happy because i've been feeling very out of touch when i'm trying to meet up with someone and can't find them etc etc. doesn't sound that bad but i was trying to hook up with sharelle and another friend at the arcade fire concert on thursday night and i was most definitely was not enjoying using the payphone and random guy's cel phone. it's fido, pay as you go, 5 cents a minute on evenings and weekends. no fees. free voicemail, caller id, call display. how can you go wrong? if you decide to sign up, give them my number and you'll get a credit of $20 and so will i. umm...but i'm not gonna post my number on leave me a comment with your email address. :)

as for the paint? i'm thinking that's not going to happen. as if i'll be motivated enough to paint tomorrow while tim's gone. i'll wait. haha.


Sharelle said...

hurrah for productive saturdays. it was nice to see your "to do list". today i organized all my school books. this would be a good thing but i was SUPPOSED to be doing my PDP application. which by the way, i want to talk to you about. man, is that thing ever stressing me out.

but hey, at least i got something done. i feel proud/sad that the arcade fire concert pushed you over the edge to get the phone. haha. its like i was a part of it, but in a bad way. haha. sorry about that security guard and the pay phone. i sure made myself tough to get a hold of. but it worked out, and now we can talk on our fidos. wooot!

Alyssa said...

Hey I have fido pay as you go... you should have given them MY name! I'm back in town... pretty sleepy since we just got off the plane at 10:30 this morning. Can't wait to talk.

PS I also make my to do lists with things I've already done on them... makes you feel more productive.