Tuesday, May 29, 2007

concert goers...who are they?

so you know it's may when you're at an outdoor concert at deer lake park. it was GORGEOUS out - blue skies. i was rushing to burnaby from agassiz. i easily found parking, carried my fleecy blanket under my sweaty arm and made my way to the gates to see the ARCADE FIRE perform...but i was very very early. 5pm in fact. i found a seat on the grass and stared awkwardly at the people behind me for an hour while i waited to see someone i know coming over the crest of the hill. and then there were 7. a shulba, a drewlo, and 5 spiros. good times. mini-donuts and ice cream. warm breezes. i love deer lake.
finally the band came out. there were TEN of them! if you can't see the pics too closely, there was a chello, pipe organ, accordian, two violins, french horns, trumpets, all kinds of drums, guitars, bass, synth, megaphones, and a tambourine or two. you can only imagine. uhh...or listen to song #4 (Intervention) on Neon Bible - their latest cd. the live music was phenomenal. the selection of songs, awesome. the performance, outstanding. a concert to be remembered. i love arcade fire.
sharelle, me and jay (one of the 5)
now as i stood and people-watched my way through the concert, i decided that there are 4 types of concert goers.
type #1 - stand still and listen. these people look very serious while they listen to and watch the concert. you might mistake them for not having a good time but they are. they take their music seriously. they are usually huge fans.
type #2 - grooving but not lifting the feet. these people enjoy the rhythms and want to move around but they are somewhat inhibited by the people around them. they enjoy the music but maybe are not as hard core as the other 3 types though there are always exceptions to the type.
type #3 - moving the feet. these people are loving the music and are moving their feet but staying in one spot. a little groovier. there are all levels of committment to the music within this type - from "i'm a hard core fan"s to "i came to the concert with my friend because they had an extra ticket"s.
type #4 - full out dancing. there are the fewest of this type at a concert. they need some room. who knows if they're moved by the music or if they just like attention. (no offence if this is you...i just don't know anyone of this type in order to deeper research my theories)
and so...those are my thoughts on concert goers. can you guess which type i am? haha.


Kara said...

I would say you're definitely #2! :)

Bec Shulba said...

thanks for commenting kara. i AM #2. haha.