Wednesday, May 23, 2007

i can't get past chapter 1...

i'm at the beginning of 5 books. i've started them all but i'm in one of those phases where i just can't keep reading. maybe it's the busy-ness of life. maybe it's facebook. either way, i'm stuck. tim's away until monday so my goal is to read at least one of the following:

brian's hunt by gary paulsen. if you're read hatchet, this is one of the sequels. it's new. if you haven't read hatchet, get to your public library today.

'Tis by frank mccourt. the author of angela's ashes which i loved. i thought i'd like his other work too...but so far, no luck.

the perfect elizabeth by libby schmais. i've borrowed this book twice from rachel and still haven't read it. it's supposedly chhick-lit which i should love but i haven't gotten into it yet.

stargirl by jerry spinelli. i've read it many times but i like to reread good ones. i just gave a copy to katie last week and it made me think, "i should re-read this one again."

divine secrets of the ya-ya sisterhood by rebecca wells. saw the movie and didn't like it that much but i thought i'd give the book a try. maybe the movie just wasn't as good as the book. that's usually the case, right?

any votes for the read of the week?


therachel said...

my vote would be for 'stargirl' - I LOVED 'Maniac Magee' in elementary...had my grade 4 teacher read that one to us aloud! I'm sure 'Stargirl' is superb, Spinelli is a great author.

I also quite enjoyed the Ya-Ya's...I've never seen the movie (heard it wasn't great), but the books make for an interesting read.

I don't know if these suggestions will help you narrow down which book to read, I just thought I'd let you know my preferences.

jeffshan said...

i vote for brian's hunt, i haven't read anything by the author, yet, but I Love sequels!

liz said...

if you can't decide, i'd like to borrow some chicklit for my cruise...wanna go to pirates tommorow night? that'll serve those boys for working/fishing!