Tuesday, May 08, 2007

soft rock remembered...

remember when we were in highschool, and all i listened to was 103.5? though i feel my taste in music has developed significantly since then, i do still turn on the soft rock station once in awhile and am always impressed that i can still sing along.

the song i've had stuck in my head this week is that one by lionel richie - "hello? is it me you're looking for?" and i sing that line around the house all evening long. it's driving tim crazy.

today, driving to school i forgot my ipod so i was forced to listen to "the valley's light rock" which is based out of chilliwack. remember the song with the lyrics, "as i...lay me...down to...sleep, yes, i pray...that you will hold me dear...til i fall away...etc" i loved that song. i had it on a mixed tape.

i reminicsed about pop-up videos with my carpool buddy, sally, and since she had never seen them before, i quoted facts about a variety of songs that came on while we drove. like the song "loveshack" by the b-52s? rupaul was in that video. (remember rupaul?) and when the one girl yells out, "tin roof rusted"? yeah, there was no reason behind that except it sounded good. i'm sure sally was very entertained. aren't you?

i once decided i was going to write a novel when i was in 3rd year university...pure chick-lit...and i was going to call it, "my quarter life crisis" (yes, lyric from j.mayer) and the basis of all my life's crises was my addiction to soft rock. i wrote the first 2 pages...which are awesome by the way (haha)...and then lost my groove. oh well...

so that has been "soft rock remembered"...tune in next week when rebecca remembers "skip-it"...

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Sharelle said...

the references in this post are off the charts awesome.

you should ask megan how she feels about that "as i lay me down" song. she's a big fan as i recall.

and the JM lyric! ya you did. I was too embarassed to post. but I defenitely saw JM last week and I actually sang that line out. I just love it..

And once in a while, I tune into soft rock. In fact this past weekend Lavonne and I cruised the WR strip listening to Delilah, for Old Times sake.