Wednesday, October 10, 2007

how much?

today i stopped at the dollar store for a few things. i bought one of those extra small bags of chips. i get to the till and the woman says, "you know, these are 3 for a dollar." and i say, "how much is one?"...she says, "25 cents."



judymacd said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha

You should have asked her how much 4 were!! ;)

therachel said...

that Judy is on top of things.

What a silly situation.

Anonymous said...

Classic Story - "new math"

Anonymous said...

Now I know that I haven't blogged for a while (however, I never promised to keep the blog once I got back and I still haven't decided if I will continue to blog) but no one else is blogging either. I need some mid day entertainment and I am counting on the blogs. could you please get on everyone's case about the lack of blogging? The people respond to your harassing (exhibit 1 - Rachel's blog). Thank you.

therahel said...

ha, lavonne - sorry to disappoint you. My apologies...I should get back on the xanga, soon.

Katie Marie said...

WOW! I guess there are no real requirements for working at the dollar store. Oops! Sorry, that was rude. I hope you got what you wanted. It's so great to hear from you, Rebecca! You and Ang are so good at writing on my blog! Thank you! I miss you a ton, and it's wonderful to hear that you cooked such a fabulous meal for you Mom's birthday! (Happy birthday, Judy! I miss you too!) Take care, my dear, and good luck with the rest of your fall teaching! I'm thinking of you!
Love always, Katie
P.S. I absolutely LOVE that picture of you on your blog (the one of you and Tim).